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Call Me Maybe, with a full orchestra and classical choir.

It starts out as a very solem joke, and then it becomes bright and beautiful and joyful.


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#Ceci n'est pas un Queue 

Star Stockings from Like Shopping ♔
Use the promocode "momotea" for a special discount
Star Stockings from Like Shopping ♔
Use the promocode "momotea" for a special discount

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"Theatre is only an inch away from absolute absurdity."
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Oh god I am delirious…. 


I’m laughing so hard I can’t breathe.

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Zombie Walk Prague 2014 by Josef Rarach… so fucking epic and awesome!!!

normally against reblogging things this cosplay-ish, but holy crap!

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cosmo tip #889


he still likes homestuck? jesus christ. jesus fucking christ. its 2014. not even expertcosmotips is funny anymore. all we have is a fucking elf from runescape with a halo sound clip and screenshots of ctrl+alt+del

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