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he’s a keeper

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Hemingway goes up to the counter and orders one espresso. It’s hot. He drinks it in silence. It makes him remember his father’s cabin. He thinks about the woman he loved once. He does not smile. The coffee reminds him of war - short but painful, swallowed down quickly. One could order worse drinks. He leaves Starbucks and walks out into the rain.

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It’s amazing how meeting one person can open up so many job opportunities. My former professor put me in contact with a lighting dealer who was in need a technician for an event. I happily worked the gig and what d’ya know, I get a call from them for another gig. :)

My advice to anyone getting into this industry: 

Shake hands with everyone you can, be affable, and work your arse off. That will get you far.


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My cat is broken. He meows for a bath every night and when I put him in he flops down and sleeps.

look at my little bastard. look at how happy he fucking is in my sink.



My cat is broken. He meows for a bath every night and when I put him in he flops down and sleeps.

look at my little bastard. look at how happy he fucking is in my sink.

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Frequency Rave Faun Ram Horn Headdress

This is a one of a kind lightweight headpiece. It is made with lightweight plastic ram styled horns fastened to a headband with elastic that goes around the nape of your neck under the hair. The underpart of the headpiece features a small hair comb to keep it securely in place. The piece measures a tad over a foot (15 inches) long from one horn to the other. The horn measures at 7 inches high. High quality faux floral was used alongside dyed natural feathers. 

Get it here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/204321062/frequency-rave-faun-ram-horn-headdress

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寝坊したとき 大学生vs社会人 #hokuto #fukuoka 〜 ほくぴー

When you oversleep  Uni students vs working adults #hokuto #fukuoka 〜 ほくぴー

Uni students:

Working adults:

I’ll be going off now. 

Japanese vines are like this unexplored vast field of precious gems.

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If the Winter Soldier was responsible for the Kennedy assassination and Magneto tried to STOP the Kennedy assassination then that must mean somehow Magneto lost a fight to a guy wITH AN ENTirE ARm MADE OF METAL

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Right, I keep seeing this picture and I finally need to ask

Is Seb in costume for a role or does he just dress like that? 

In an interview he said something along the lines of his most important article of clothing being black skinny jeans, and the jeans he was wearing in the interview were also the jeans he’d worn yesterday.  So I’m pretty sure this is just how he dresses.  It’s great.

 omg hayley

his shoes

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